Sunsets and sherbet. Safe to say, two of the most enjoyable things for stoners and non-stoners. But have you ever seen a sunset while eating sherbet after smoking a bowl of Sunset Sherbet? Good lord, there is really not much better in this life! 

But which magical cannabis breeder gifted the world this gorgeous strain? What percentage of THC does it offer? Is it a Sativa, an Indica, or a hybrid? Is it difficult for beginner cultivators to grow? 

Hang about, as we answer all the most burning questions relating to one of our favorite strains available right now - Sunset Sherbet! 

Who bred the Sunset Sherbet strain?  

The downright magicians over at Pheno Finder Seeds are responsible for the Sunset Sherbet strain, among other absolute bangers. Pheno Finder Seeds was born out of a coffee shop in the heart of Amsterdam's red-light district, this team of expert cannabis breeders hails from the USA, Spain, and The Netherlands. 

A beautiful cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbet was refined over multiple generations to offer the best aspects of both these award-winning strains. And, she's a podium finisher herself, taking out third place at the 2017 High Times Cannabis Cup! 

For the first few years after her release, she was actually one of the more difficult strains to find in both dispensaries and seed banks. Thankfully this has changed in the past few months, and we are seeing a proper resurgence of this mighty ganga variety. 

Is Sunset Sherbet a sativa or indica strain? 

There are very few pure Indica or Sativa strains still knocking around, and Sunset Sherbet is no exception. She's a nice balanced (but Indica-leaning) hybrid. 

Is Sunset Sherbert strain strong? 

There are a few ways to answer this question. we can go down the lab results route, or the user report laneway. Let's do both. 

In terms of lab readouts, she is anything but a slouch. Is she going to break THC content records? Maybe 5 years ago, but not today. Topping out at around 24% THC, with a strain average of 21% THC, she's definitely in the "stronger than most" group. CBD levels are almost non-existent here, with less than 1% in most phenotypes. 

You can expect her to start out with a surprisingly Sativa-like head rush, but that initial kick quickly melts into a lovely, relaxing Indica body lock. She's a creeper, with that initial cerebral high taking about 10 minutes before you really understand the full effects. But when you do, you really do. If you've been looking for that perfect wind-down strain, the one you reach for after a long day - well, you've found it. 

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What Terpenes Are Found In Sunset Sherbet? 

The Sunset Sherbet terpene profile is dominated by Alpha Pinene, backed up by a big dose of D-Limonene. There are also high percentages of 

  • Beta-Caryophyllene 
  • Beta Pinene 
  • Linalool 

Taste and Aroma 

Sunset Sherbet is hands down, one of the tastiest strains on the market right now. There's a subtle minty flavor to it that you rarely find in weed, but it works perfectly with the sweet citrusy overtones. The smell is very much in keeping with the taste, with those same mint and citrus notes jumping out of the jar. This strain is also loud. Very loud, very tasty, and very stanky in all the best ways. 

Is Sunset Sherbet A Hard Strain To Grow? 

Sunset Sherbet indoor grow using scrog training method
Sunset Sherbet indoor grow using scrog training method

Sunset Sherbet isn't the easiest strain to grow, but she is also nowhere near the most difficult. It's probably not the first strain we would recommend to people looking for a start in the wonderful world of cannabis cultivation, but if you've got a few crops under your belt already you should be fine. 

She works evenly well with both indoor and outdoor conditions, but she isn't a huge fan of overly warm climates. She seems to do best in the 70-degree F range, and with a slightly elevated relative humidity - something around 55% during flower. Lots of strains would struggle with bud rot issues at this humidity in the last few weeks of flower, but Sunset Sherbet seems to lap it up. Her genetic lineage does offer a pretty decent amount of mold resistance. 

A few things to watch out for - she can be susceptible to mites and other pests, so keep an eye out for early signs of infestation. Also, like a lot of Cookies strains, she can be a bit of a nute hog. She's not going to eat you out of house and home, but she will let you know when she's hungry! Make sure you're feeding her enough, but not too much, and you should be fine. 

If you are wanting the best chance at boosting her purple hues, its best to expose the crop to some slightly colder evenings.

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How long does Sunset Sherbet take to flower? 

This is very much dependent on the cultivation medium, the environment, and whether she is grown indoors or out - but for the most part Sunset Sherbet crops have a flowering period of between 56 to 68 days. 

What is Sunset Sherbet Good For? 

While she is an Indica dominant strain, you don't have to worry about becoming an absolute zombie when smoking toking down the big ones with this particular strain. I mean, yes, like any top-shelf Indica - if you smoke too much you're going to want to stay firmly on the couch, but if you ease off just a little she can be a great strain for boosting that creative spark, and for social situations. 

Users also report a reduction in chronic pain-related issues, a massive increase in appetite, and a lowering of nausea. 


A truly top-shelf strain if we have ever seen one, Sunset Sherbet is one of the best options on the market right now for cultivators looking to add a specialty strain to their wall of jars. Purple, and magenta hues, delicious aromas with big flavors backing it all up, and an all-around fun little high make this one a winner in our book. 

So what are you waiting for? Give her a try today!