Big Bud Cannabis Strains

Big Bud's place in the pantheon of marijuana strains was assured when it took top place in the Mostly Indica section of the very first High Times Cannabis Cup competition back in 1989. This weed is prized for its fast-acting, powerful high, which is hardly surprising since THC levels can be up to 18 percent, and its excellent yields.

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Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

The precise origins of this formidable Indica-dominant strain are shrouded in mystery, but it seems that Big Bud was first developed in the USA in the early 1980s and arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee from the accelerating 'war on drugs' towards the end of the decade. Big Buds original creators were anxious that the unwelcome attentions of law enforcement might mean that the strain would disappear forever.

At first, the strain was only available as a clone but breeders in Amsterdam were able to back-cross so that seeds became available and these quickly became a favourite in the coffee shops, with the strain's popularity boosted by its Cannabis Cup success.

Big Bud influenced plants are on the bushy side and, as you'd expect given the name, their strongest characteristic is the enormous size of the compact, round buds. They're so heavy that it's wise to support the branches to avoid them splitting and breaking under the strain.

Growers get excellent results with Big Bud and those strains that are crossed with it, by growing indoors using the SOG method. It will thrive in both hydroponic and soil set-ups, although higher yields tend to come from the former. Outdoor growing is not recommended unless you live somewhere at least as warm as the Mediterranean. You can expect to harvest up to 650 grams of prime buds per square meter of growing space, making this one of the most prolific strains available.