Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

There are many good reasons to grow your own crop of marijuana. You'll know exactly what you're growing, you'll be cutting out the middleman who provides you with commercially grown and sometimes inferior product, and you'll save a ton of money.

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The best cannabis strains for beginners

However, despite these obvious advantages many people are put off growing their own because they think it'll be just too difficult. In fact, with the correct preparation and knowledge almost anyone is perfectly capable of growing their own marijuana. This is a case where the internet is your friend; there's a mountain of advice and guidance available out there. The other key factor is to choose one of the strains that are easier to grow, and there's a good selection of those available.

First, you'll need to decide if you want to cultivate an indoor or outdoor crop. If you're growing outdoors in a cooler, northern European climate, make sure you choose a strain that's hardy. Generally, the Indica strains, many with Himalayan antecedents, are the hardiest. Sativa strains, with their tropical background, tend to be much more fragile.

For indoor growing, your choices are wider since you'll be creating your own micro-climate with heat and light; just be sure to buy the best lighting system you can afford. Then you'll need to choose between hydroponics and compost as a growing medium. In general, soil is probably simpler, and many aficionados report that the taste of the product is better when grown in soil.

Strains that have a well-earned reputation for being easy to grow include Headband OG, which won an award at the 2009 Cannabis Cup, Jack Herer, a cross between Skunk #1, Haze and Northern Lights, and the always popular, legendary White Widow