Haze Cannabis Strains

Haze strains originate from the heady, hippy days of the late 1960s when two brothers called Haze created a new Sativa strain with genetics reputedly from Thailand, Mexico, and Colombia.

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What Are Haze Marijuana Seeds?

From the late 1970s onwards, with the onset of the new generation of modern breeders, different Haze strains proliferated. Smokers prize the Haze strains for their euphoric, cerebral hit, as opposed to the more soporific effects that often come from Indica dominant strains. Connoisseurs also enjoy the clear, clean taste of Haze which includes characteristic citrus notes.

Haze strains grow much taller than their Indica cousins, with heights of up to four metres recorded for plants that have been allowed to grow untrammelled in the right sunny conditions outdoors. Grown indoors, the plants can be kept to a manageable size with judicious pruning, and of course Haze strains crossed with Indica have different growing habits, combining the qualities of the two types.

Haze types take longer to grow to maturity than Indicas, with flowering times of up to 14 weeks. As well as their gangling, branching height, Haze plants are noted for their long, spear like buds which are fluffier than the compact ones produced by Indicas.

A multitude of Haze strains are available in today's marketplace including Nevil’s Haze from legendary Dutch grower Nevil Schoenmakers, launched in 1989 and said to be one of the most powerful Sativas on the planet. The 2004 cannabis cup winning Amnesia haze that is one of the most psychotropic or Amsterdam haze if a more mellow and chilled high that lasts for hours.