Kush Cannabis Strains

Kush is a crucial building block for many of the modern marijuana strains that have been developed on both sides of the Atlantic since the 1970s. It's an Indica type and originates from the Hindu Kush, a western spur of the Himalayas that runs through the often lawless lands of central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

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What Are Kush Marijuana Seeds?

Kush marijuana has been smoked throughout recorded history, and almost certainly earlier than that. Today, as well as being a key genetic resource for modern strains, it's also used to make some of the world's finest black hashish from Afghanistan.

The Hindu Kush strain is nearest to the historic native plants that the original Kush comes from and it does indeed have a smell and taste strongly reminiscent of black hash. Being an Indica, the plants are bushy and of shortish height, from 100 to 120cm tall and tend to be quite hardy because of their mountain origins and are suited to growing in colder climates.

A huge number of modern-day strains have Kush as part of their make-up, and many of those are of award-winning quality. As recently as 2014, Cookies Kush, Pure Kush and Kosher Kush all won accolades at the annual Cannabis Cup competition in Amsterdam. Kush strains have won no less than 17 awards at the Cannabis Cup since its inception in 1989. When it's hybridised, Kush lends an earthy, sweetish flavour with notes of Eastern spices and it also gives the resulting strains a powerful hit, usually with a fairly heavy body stone. In medical use, Kush-based strains can help with stress, muscular pain and insomnia.