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Looking for the best of the best? - then you're in the right place. Our top rated strain section has been curated in-house to bring you a selection of the very best marijuana seeds from our highly regarded seed catalogue. We have even broken them down into relevant categories to help you isolate the genetics best suited to your desires.

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Each category is made up of a Top 10 with each to make choosing the right strain for you that little bit easier. We've tapped in to our breeder's expert knowledge and selected a variety of strains that offer a diverse and well-informed selection.

Over the years we have developed some of the best cannabis seed strains available, thanks in part to our selective breeding process, ensuring only the finest genetics are maintained. It is the genetic stability of a seed that helps forms the basis for a successful grow, so it's important you buy the best seeds you can find. The MSNL Top 10 section deals only with most stable and best performing genetics, broken down into headline categories.

We realise this is a subjective theme and fully appreciate some of you may disagree on our seed selections, however we have based our selections on a few key characteristics including THC content, yield stability and all-round smokability. They include Cannabis Cup winning strains and some personal recommendations from our breeders; they have after all got a combined genetic and growing experience of 125 years to pull from.

That being said we also want your feedback on our selections so feel free to contact us or leave your opinion via the Review tab on the strain product page. The category lists are an ever changing entity and as we release new genetics the lists will be updated (providing they make the cut).Blue strains, white strains or autoflowering we've got it covered.