We offer all strains in our catalogue as wholesale marijuana seeds. These are available at up to 55% off the normal retail prices. This includes feminized, regular and autoflower strains which include cannabis cup winners, cult classics and MSNL exclusives. You don't have to be a retailer or professional to take advantage, these wholesale prices are available to one and all.

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What are bulk cannabis seeds?

Over 200 strains: We sell every single strain in the MSNL catalogue in bulk. If you sell cannabis seeds or you’re a commercial grower we can supply your seeds. No matter which country you are located in we can ship bulk cannabis seeds worldwide at wholesale prices.

Unbeatable discounts: With up 55% off retail price + additional free seeds, our wholesale prices are cheaper than almost any other seed bank, while still giving you the same trusted MSNL genetics and great germination rates.

Certificates & Documentation: At MSNL we have the ability to ship cannabis seeds with all of the legal documentation and certification so you get them without any hiccups. And our experienced cannabis seed wholesale team can can walk you through the process from start to finish.


Wholesale Cannabis Seeds FAQ


Bulk Autoflower seeds

Offering fast growth autoflowers can be grown from seed to harvest in as little as 8 weeks. They are hardy, resilient and space-efficient. Buy bulk autoflower seeds and save money for a super fast turnaround.

Bulk Feminized seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds ensure that you get nearly 100% female plants, eliminating the guesswork and wastage time with male plants. Buying in bulk feminized seeds offers cost effectiveness and uniformity in cultivation. Feminized seeds optimize space, yield, and potency, benefiting commercial growers by maximizing production and ensuring consistent, high-quality yields.

How much do your wholesale cannabis seeds cost?

The more cannabis seeds you buy the bigger the discount that we offer from our standard retail price.




For large orders please contact us and we will help you chose the best strains for your requirements as well as come up with a custom set of additional free seeds.

Additional free seeds with large orders

For large orders of more than 2000 seeds we will give you some additional seeds of your choice completely free with your order. The Bigger your order the more free seeds you get.

Can you ship wholesale bulk cannabis seeds worldwide?

Yes. We ship wholesale seeds worldwide including to USA, Canada, Thailand, Australia, UK and EU. Here is a table of delivery times for wholesale orders, if your region is not listed please contact us.

Do you have phytosanitary certificates for your bulk cannabis seeds?

Yes. We have had our strains lab tasted and providing you have an import license we can send our bulk seeds with a courier along with a Phytosanitary Certificate, Certificate of Analysis, Non-GMO Certificate and Germination and Purity Certificate.

How do you ship your wholesale cannabis seeds?

We understand that each country has different regulations and requirements so its entirely up to you how we send it. We have the facility to send seeds with a courier with all of the certificates and documentation required, however we can also send seeds stealth. Please contact us and we can discuss which route is best for you.

Are your wholesale cannabis seeds good quality?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our genetics and our wholesale cannabis seeds are the exact same product we sell to ordinary customers with the same great germination rates.