Highest Yield Seeds

Two key factors are crucial in ensuring that your carefully nurtured crop of marijuana plants produces high yields: the pedigree of the strain you've chosen to grow, and the growing conditions you've created. And don't forget that quantity isn't everything, you need quality as well. It's pointless to grow a massive harvest if the weed is substandard.

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High Yield Marijuana Seeds

We'll deal with the magic beans first. Of course there are hundreds of seed strains available and we can't cover all of the best ones here, but we'll give some examples of strains that give consistently high yields. Indica dominant Critical seeds produce heavy buds covered in sticky resin with a THC content up to 18.5 percent. Yields are up to a healthy 500 grams per square metre.

Amnesia Haze is another heavy cropper. With 80 percent Sativa, 20 percent Indica genetics this weed takes a little longer to flower at 12 weeks, but produces bumper crops of up to 600 grams per square metre.

For a truly massive yield, try Medi-Bud, an Indica dominant strain that can produce up to a massive 1,200 grams per plant, although a still impressive 800 grams is more likely unless your growing conditions are absolutely perfect.

Finally, consider your grow set-up. Indoors you'll need the right lights, plus the knowledge of when to have them full on and when to rotate them. If you're growing in compost make sure you have the best quality possible, and if hydroponics is your bag, keep a close eye on pH levels. Fertilisation is also key; not too much and not too little. Outdoors, sun and shelter are the most important factors, and if you're in cooler Northern climes, make sure your strain is a hardy variety.