London Pound Cake Feminized Seeds

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  • THC High – Up to 25%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 500gsm
  • Indica Dominant: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • An indica dominant hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet
  • Highly potent, sweet fruity flavors and big yields
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THC % Over 25% THC
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvest Mid October
Yield 400-500gr/m² Test
Indica/Sativa Indica Dominant Hybrid
Height Medium: 100cm-180cm
Difficulty Easy
CBD Content Under 1% CBD
Climate Warm, Mediterranean
Medical Conditions Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Stress
Seed Type Feminized
Genetics Sunset Sherbet x Unknown Indica
Effects Calming, Relaxing, Uplifting
Taste Citrus, Berry, Fruity
Terpene Caryophyllene , Limonene , Myrcene


London Pound Cake Seeds Overview

The London Pound Cake strain is one of our most exciting new feminized options, for a few key reasons. Truly cutting-edge genetics, with a THC percentage (up to 29%) that blows most of the competition clean out of the water offering a slowly creeping high that builds to an intensity peak worthy of the true queen this strain is.

A cross of the pollen from an unknown Indica male and the best Sunset Sherbet mother we have ever grown, the result is a ridiculously 70% Indica dominant, hardy, and robust strain that is the pinnacle of crowd-pleasing and surprising all rolled into one.

What are the effects of London Pound Cake weed?

London Pound Cake is the definition of a creeper, so it's best to take it slow on your first ride, especially for the less experienced stoners out there. Just like all the best rollercoasters, the beginning is slow and steady, but as you climb to the top of the mountain (after around 10 to 5 mins) things can get a little wild.

There's nothing to be worried about though, as the Indica genetics make this a much more mellow and relaxing experience than El Toro at Six Flags. The creeping effects come through the body first, with heavy sedation running down the arms and legs, buoyed on by a clean and euphoric cerebral high that makes it easy to stay engaged without getting overwhelmed.

How to grow London Pound Cake Feminized seeds?

LPC is anything but a princess. Easy to grow, and offering huge harvest opportunities when cultivated correctly both indoors and out. This is a great strain for first-time growers, as the London Pound Cake cultivar is super forgiving and can handle some heavy training, while also producing healthy-sized nuggets when left to her own devices.

Outdoor growers will want to get this girl in the ground early on, with indoor cultivators having a bit more control over the timing of the switch between vegetative and flowering growth stages. We like to always top this strain, as the growth pattern can be quite bushy. Topping helps open up the canopy and allows for much better light penetration to all of the budding sites, and increases the number of main colas. Expect the flowering period to take anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks.

London Pound Cake strain appearance and aroma

While there may be no purple hues on offer with London Pound Cake, it does come with some of the deepest shades of olive green we’ve ever seen, with yellow and orange pistils making up the majority of the color palette. The buds themselves are dense, and frosty, and are the essence of "bag appeal".

The fragrance profile is largely controlled by citrus sweetness and an almost overwhelming kick of fruity grape aromas. This is backed up by a creamy, buttery vanilla base that will have your grow room smelling like a Paris patisserie.

MSNL Editors Verdict

Not much to say about this one other than it should be tried by all self-respecting cultivators. Not only is the potency sky-high, but it also offers a unique taste and smell that are sure to have your friends coming back for more, and you wishing you had bought a few extra seeds. 

What does London Pound Cake taste like?

The mouth feel of London Pound Cake is truly a special experience. Starting off with the initial blast of fruity sweetness and grape aromas, this is then layered with that creamy vanilla finish, with an overall experience that can only be described as pure satisfaction. The high backs this feeling up perfectly, but again, proceed with caution!