Blue OG Feminized Seeds

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  • THC High - Up to 24%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 500gsm
  • Indica Dominant: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • A dynamic and reliable cross between OG Kush and Blueberry parents
  • Slow-acting high producing an intense body stone effective for medicinal purposes
  • Bushy and wide plant with strong lateral branches forming light greyish-green frosty buds
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THC % 20%-24%
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvest End Of September
Yield 400-500gr/m² Test
Indica/Sativa Indica Dominant Hybrid
Height Medium: 100cm-180cm
Difficulty Easy
CBD Content Under 1% CBD
Climate Warm
Medical Conditions Depression, Pain, Stress
Seed Type Feminized
Genetics Blueberry x Blue Moonshine x OG Kush
Effects Calming, Relaxing
Taste Blueberry , Berry , Sage
Terpene Myrcene , Caryophyllene , Limonene



This strain is a cross of the revered OG Kush and Blueberry. Its heritage demands excellence, and that’s exactly what Blue OG provides. This indica-dominant hybrid produces a dynamic high that starts cerebral before becoming more body focused. It’s a formidable mix of spiritual elevation and physical relaxation that has a huge range of recreational and therapeutic possibilities.

Plants grow astonishingly quickly, with some flowering in under 8 weeks, and are remarkably easy to cultivate. Blue OG is one of the less fussy strains when it comes to growing conditions, making it a much more forgiving undertaking for less experienced growers.


Blue OG has an upper-mid-range THC content of around 18-20%. This helps it achieve the feat of being simultaneously potent and gentle. The high creeps up slowly and washes over you in waves. First comes a burst of cerebral activity characterized by expansive thought and heightened creativity. This is gradually caught-up by an intense bodily buzz that causes all physical tension to melt away. Blue OG’s indica characteristics steadily become more dominant, intensifying the state of physical relaxation and inducing couchlock at higher doses. The buzz is long-lasting, with a versatility that lends itself to a wide variety of situations.

The mellow nature of Blue OG makes it an effective treatment for the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Its sedative properties are also great for combating aches and pains.


When it comes to growing Blue OG, it’s hard to go wrong. Its bushy plants will require some topping, but this is otherwise a very low-maintenance strain. Plants are fairly hardy, making this a great project for first-time growers.

Plants grow to heights of around 100-150cm and are generally ready for harvest in 8-10 weeks if grown indoors. In some cases, they’ve been known to flower even sooner, earning Blue OG a reputation as a rapid-growing strain. Plants are also happy outdoors, where they’re best suited to slightly humid, more Mediterranean climates. If you do grow Blue OG outside, it will be ready for harvest in mid-late September.

Yields range from 400-500g/m2, offering an impressive reward for such a stress-free growing process.

Appearance & Aroma

Plants reflect the indica-dominant nature of this strain, growing bushy with very little spacing between nodes. Lateral branches are strong, with leaves that display a mix of sativa and indica qualities finding themselves somewhere between being long and thin, and short and fat.

Reasonably large buds are dense and compact, forming in the conical shape that’s typical of indicas. A light greyish-green color, these buds are painted with a frosty layer of white trichomes and interspersed with rust-colored orange pistils. Incidentally, Blue OG’s astronomical levels of resin make it a great strain for producing hash and other THC concentrates.

Early in the vegetation period, plants do not develop a strong odor. However, a strong skunk-like aroma, common of kush strains, becomes more prominent as they mature.

MSNL Editors Verdict

We like Blue OG for its simple elegance. It’s not the most potent strain around, but it’s still strong enough to produce a dynamic and immensely comforting high. Its versatile buzz is well-suited to a huge array of recreational purposes and makes it a highly-effective medicinal strain. And to top it off, it retains the sumptuous fruity flavors of its Blueberry parent.

With all of these qualities packed into a strain that’s fast-growing and easy to cultivate, we think Blue OG is a winner.

Tasting Notes

The scent of Blue OG buds is complex and fruity. Blueberry notes are underscored by pine and hash, with cured buds emitting delicate hints of citrus. Break them open and the aroma becomes pleasantly skunky.

Pine and citrus carry through to the flavor, but the overwhelming taste is blueberries. As you inhale, the taste is sweet and refreshing. Blue OG smokes smoothly, with tangy notes that grow in prominence as you exhale. A slight diesel aftertaste lingers, complementing a rich flavor profile that’s enjoyably sharp and fruity.