Bruce Banner Autoflower Seeds

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  • THC Very High - Over 25%
  • Massive Yield - Up to 600gsm
  • Sativa Dominant Ruderalis: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
  • Flowering Time - 8-10 Weeks
  • Autoflowering version of the famed Bruce Banner #3 - winner of 'Most Potent Strain' at HTCC 2013
  • Massive yields matching its photoperiod counterpart with a much shorter flowering time
  • Fantastic recreational and medicinal option for anxiety, pain, depression and inflammation


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THC % Over 25% THC
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Outdoor harvest June, October
Yield 500-600gr/m²
Indica/Sativa Sativa Dominant Ruderalis
Height Medium: 100cm-180cm
Difficulty Easy
CBD Content Under 1% CBD
Climate Temperate, Warm, Cool
Medical Conditions Anxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Pain, Stress
Seed Type Autoflower Feminized
Genetics OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel x Rudelaris
Effects Energising, Relaxing, Uplifting
Taste Diesel, Earthy, Fruity
Terpene Linalool, Caryophyllene, Humulene



What can we say, Bruce Banner Auto is one mean-green powerhouse that’s fierce in growth, effects


Want to take on your day feeling like a superhero yourself? Turn to none other than Bruce Banner Auto. The strain is highly coveted for relieving symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression, with its peaceful effects for the mind, that inspires uplifting energy and boosts the mood. Medically, the variety is also effective at providing relief for arthritis and chronic pain with its anti-inflammatory effects. But, beginners beware, as Bruce Banner is notorious for hard-hitting potent effects, which makes it a one-hit-and-quit strain for many.


Growers marvel at Bruce Banner Auto’s growth that’s comparable to regular varieties. The autoflowering variety easily reaches yields of 500-600gr/m² for harvests that take just 8-10 weeks flowering time. Its ruderalis lineage puts the plant on autopilot to grow with ease, and can be done so successfully indoors or outdoors. The variety is well-suited for a variety of climates, ranging from temperate to warm, and can withstand cool temps, too. Outside, you can plan for June and October harvests when timed just right, and with medium heights you won’t have to worry about pesky or nosy neighbors blowing your cover. The plants tend to reach 100 -180cm (3 - 6 ft) making them ideal for lower ceiling spaces, or smaller grow rooms.

Appearance & Aroma

Not surprisingly, Bruce Banner Auto is just as beastly in appearance. The strain develops long, bulbous, and spade-shaped buds that are just as dense as they are colorful. This variety is classic in a rainbow of green hues, from deep emerald to minty green with hints of rich purple sprinkled throughout. Over top, is a coating of shimmering crystal-like trichomes that are chock-full of enticing terpenes for the plant’s au naturel aromas. As the strain grows, you’re treated to musky, diesel aromas that have a hint of earthy sweetness with each whiff.

MSNL Editors Verdict

If you’re wary of autoflowering strains, Bruce Banner Auto is the one to try. Put simply, it stuns in massive yields and high potency and requires very little work from growers to thrive. Indoors or outdoors, you’re treated to multiple harvests per season and won’t have to worry about pesky light cycles either. After just one sesh, you’ll understand why Bruce Banner Autoflower is taking the world of weed by storm!  

Tasting Notes

Bruce Banner Autoflower’s flavors are just as well-rounded as its other favorable traits. The strain starts off with a gas, dank-like diesel flavor that's earthy and sweet on the exhale. It’ll ignite the senses with its unique and intense taste that lingers on the tongue long after your last puff.