Humulene Terpene Seed Pack

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A core cannabis terpene, humulene is produced as part of the plants natural defences. Humulene gives cannabis those earthy, woody, spicy aromas that fill your nostrils, as well as being responsible for the distinct hoppy taste of beer. Beyond it's taste and aromas it is known that Humulene holds anti inflammatory properties and can be used well in fighting bacteria. Our Humulenene pack is available in 15 or 30 seeds and includes: Headband OG Feminized, White Widow Feminized and Sour Diesel Feminized.


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THC % 20%-24%
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Yield 500-600gr/m²
Indica/Sativa 50/50 Hybrid
Height Tall: 180cm-220cm
Difficulty Easy
CBD Content Under 1% CBD
Climate Warm
Medical Conditions Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain, Stress
Seed Type Feminized
Effects Arousing, Calming, Creative, Energising, Relaxing, Uplifting



The Humulene Terpene Pack contains 5 seeds of each of the following three strains:

Headband OG Feminized

  • THC - 19-22%
  • Yield - 400-500gsm
  • Height - 100-180cm

White Widow Feminized

  • THC - 15-18%
  • Yield - 400-500gsm
  • Height - 180-200cm

Sour Diesel Feminized

  • THC - 19-22%
  • Yield - 500-600gsm
  • Height - 180-200cm