In the words of Anderson Paak and James Brown - Yes Lawd!

The Biscotti strain of weed is a cross of old and new, Gelato 25 x South Florida OG, and brings together the best of the west coast and the south. Up there with the most potent cultivars available (topping the scales at plus 30% THC), and while we all love a real banger, this strain is so much more than just a head ringer.

Delicious to point of almost ridiculous, stanky as the day is long, and with aesthetics to back it all up - there honestly are very few modern-day strains that can keep up with what many are calling "The Best Indica Dominant Hybrid" of the last 5 or so years.

But as we all know, there is just so much to consider when deciding on the next option for your grow room or outdoor garden. Things like

  • Is this a difficult strain to grow?
  • How do you make sure you get the very best yield possible, with the highest levels of both cannabinoids and terpenes?
  • What are the dominant terpenes, for that manner?

But we need to pull the brakes for a second. There's a lot to talk about, so let's jump in the deep end, and see exactly what makes the Biscotti strain a perfect strain for beginner and veteran cultivators alike...

Is Biscotti Strain Any Good?

Yep. It's classed as one of the best strains currently available, and the fact that we regularly sell out of the seeds almost as soon as they hit the shelves is maybe the best indication of just how good Biscotti really is.

What Are The Effects Of Biscotti Strain?

Ok, we need to state this very clearly from the outset. Biscotti (when grown to perfection) is about as strong as any strain currently available.

The effects are usually described as slightly more uplifting and euphoric than you may expect from an 80% Indica dominant strain, but this is backed up by a very physically calming body stone that's just perfect for an evening on the sofa.

If you're looking for something to help you unwind, Biscotti is about as good as it gets, but remember - PROCEED WITH CAUTION, MY FRIENDS. This especially goes for the less seasoned cannabis enthusiasts out there. Biscotti actually means 'twice baked' in Italian, and I couldn't think of a better term for the effects of this strain.

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What is Biscotti Strain Used For?

In terms of medicinal properties, Biscotti has a wide range of applications -

  • Perfect for users looking for a strain that will help relieve any stress, anxiety, or depressive issues.
  • The euphoric nature of the high comes with a huge increase in appetite - great for those on medications that are affecting hunger.
  • The body stone helps reduce inflammation and tension and is a good choice for those receiving physical therapy.

Is Biscotti A Rare Strain?

Indeed it is. As I mentioned earlier, this one sells out, and does so quickly. Not to worry, we have our breeders working overtime to try and keep up with the demand.

What Strains Are Crossed To Make Biscotti?

The direct lineage leads us to Gelato 25 x South Florida OG, but let's dig slightly deeper, yeah?

Gelato is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, so you're getting a whopping double dose of cookies, with an almost perfect 50/50 split of Indica and Sativa.

It should surprise no one that South Florida OG comes direct from the sunshine state, and while the roots of this strain are shrouded in mystery, it has been regarded as one of the best southern strains for almost 2 decades now. An almost pure Indica, and one of the heavier early 2000s options still floating around.

Is Biscotti A Strong Strain?

When grown in perfect climatic conditions, Biscotti has tested out at a whopping 35% THC. That's right, 35%. Not many strains have ever been able to lay claim to this figure.

So yes, Bisotti is as strong as they come.

Is Biscotti A Top Shelf Strain?

They don't come more top-shelf than Biscotti. I don't think anyone would be surprised to see a bunch of offshoots of this strain hitting shelves very soon.

Is The Biscotti Strain Indica Or Sativa?

Both, and neither.

Biscotti is an Indica dominant hybrid, with a genetic split of 80/20.

What Does Biscotti Strain Smell Like?

First up, let it be known that Biscotti is one of the loudest strains available right now. If you live in an area where cannabis cultivation is still frowned upon, you are going to want to grab a very good carbon filter, that's for sure.

Keeping in line with the name, Biscotti is dominated by pure sweetness, aroma-wise. There are hints of vanilla, cookie dough, and cream - but the most obvious note here is definitely the sweetness. Anyone familiar with any of the OG strains will find a few similarities in the undertones, with earthy, herbal notes taking a backseat but still there for all to enjoy.

What Is The Terpene Profile Of Biscotti Strain?

With a total terp count of 0.99%, Bisotti packs a stanky old punch. The dominant terpenes are:


What Is The Flowering Time For Biscotti Strain?

The flower timing is dependent on a bunch of factors. The style of cultivation, the environmental conditions, and the phenotype all play into this - but, in almost all cases the flowering period should last anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks.

If you want to give your Biscotti crop the best chance at fast flowering, we suggest running your grow room temperature range at 65 to 75F with a relative humidity range of 45% to 50% once full flower production has begun.

How Much Does Biscotti Strain Yield?

Again, this really depends on the environmental conditions, as well as the skill of the grower and the cultivation style. In ideal conditions, a single Biscotti plant can yield upwards of 600 grams per square meter, and possibly even higher.

If huge yields are your number one concern, then we suggest using coco-coir or full hydroponics.


It's pretty simple really. Hydroponics (coco-coir included) offer the fastest growth rates thanks to the amount of control you (the grower) has over the nutrient levels the plant receives. If you are just starting out, then we 100% suggest going with coco-coir as your main growing media. Coco is a great way to dip your toes into the world of hydroponics, while still offering many of the benefits of soil-based cultivation. It allows the roots the same level of protection that soil gives, while also having a much higher oxygenation and drainage rate.

These increased levels of oxygenation and drainage will both speed up the plant's growth cycle, as well as increase its overall yield potential. This is especially true for larger plants such as Biscotti, which can require a fair bit of room to fully reach their potential.

Is Biscotti Strain Good For Beginners?

discotti during flowering stage
Image courtesy of u/greenfinger18. "r/cannabiscultivation". Reddit

In terms of cultivation, Biscotti is a great strain for all levels of cannabis horticulture expertise. A super forgiving cultivar, with great resistance to not only pest infestations, but also fungal and mold issues.

If you are a new grower, this is the perfect option to learn how to implement stress training into your cultivation regime.

What's stress training?

Simply put, stress training is the process of stressing out your plants in a controlled manner in order to increase their yield. This can mean anything from bending the branches carefully to induce stronger growth, tieing the branches down to open the canopy up, or more extreme measures. For beginners, the following techniques are what we find work best -

  • Topping - This involves removing the crown of the plant, just above the fourth node. This forces the plant to focus its energy on the two branches just underneath where the cut was made, essentially doubling the number of main colas. With Biscotti, we suggest topping twice or three times for outdoor situations, but once is fine indoors.
  • Defoliation (pruning) - Removing the fan leaves is a bit of a touchy subject, but since this is a bushy girl, you might want to consider removing some of the larger, older fan leaves to help with bud light penetration and canopy airflow.
  • ScrOG - The Screen Of Green training method involves installing a net or screen above the canopy, and then allowing the branches to grow up into it, essentially creating a flat, horizontal canopy. This massively helps to ensure an even spread of light is allowed for all the main budding sites, and with canopy air exchange.