Cheese Cannabis Strains

Your first question might well be, 'Why on earth is a range of marijuana strains called cheese?'. The answer lies in the pungent, earthy flavour and aroma that some strains of marijuana and some strong types of cheese have in common.

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What Are Cheese Marijuana Seeds?

Whether we're talking about cheese or cannabis, this is an acquired taste, but one that many aficionados actively seek out. It's also worth noting that cheese strains are not suitable if you live somewhere where you need to conceal your smoking habits; the smell of this weed is instantly recognizable and nigh on impossible to mask.

Cheese is almost unique amongst modern marijuana strains as it was created in England, as opposed to most others which hail from the Netherlands, the USA or Canada. The credit for Cheese weed goes to a shadowy group of outlaws and freewheelers called the Exodus Collective who ran underground dance parties in the 1990s.

Cheese is a combination of Indica and Sativa strains, with the Indica type dominant. Its unique flavour, with notes of ripe fruit and musty earth, combined with its legendary potency have been recognised over the years by awards at the annual Cannabis Cup in 2004 and 2008.

Once the original Cheese became widely available, skilled horticulturists around the world got their hands on it and started to develop improved hybrids that are now on the market. The wider range of cheese dominant crosses include: Auto Cheese, Big Blue Cheese, and cheesecake, as well as numerous non cheese named hybrids.